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Turtle Jump is a now a WEEKLY video game podcast! Join us as we discuss news, reviews, and in depth discussions of our favorite games. This week on the show, we give you our first full game review of 2014: Super Mario 3D World on the Nintendo Wii U! Listen as we gush about our second favorite game of 2013. You will hear all of the many things that we loved about the game, the very few things we did not, and the multiplayer shenanigans that we get into!

2:50 - Overcoming Preconceived Qualms (and tweets!)
5:05 - Unbridled Fun
8:59 - The Magic of Mario Multiplayer
11:22 - Using all of the Best Things from Before
15:56 - The Dangers of Playing with Friends(?) and Oh, All of the Content!
26:30 - One Negative Thought and Closing Comments

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