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Pre-Order (pree-or-der)
v. (tr.)
1. To reserve an item before its release date in order to guarantee access it before it sells out. 
2. Gaming Media To blindly dance to the tune of the corrupt AAA game publishers and greedy retailers by paying for a product before we tell you whether its worth your time. Wake up, sheeple!

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Crota is dead, and Oryx, his evil alien father, wants revenge. Join us as we bid farewell to Dinklebot and welcome our new Nolan North Ghost pal while discussing Destiny: The Taken King. 

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In this episode, we talk about Super Mario Maker, the new Nintendo game that leverages to the Wii U Game Pad to allow players to create their own Mario levels. Players can then share their levels online and play the levels uploaded by others. Is this genius, or mad? Or both? We explore that question. 

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This week, Paul and Allen step away from the world of video games into the mysterious world of tabletop roleplaying games, specifically D&D. In preparation of an upcoming mini-campaign that we will be releasing for the show, we create Allen's player character: a Human Ranger. Join us as we discuss the different strategies and options for character creation. 

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In this episode we talk fan creations. Specifically, the weird ones. In particular, The Light of Courage, a series of 3D rendered Zelda fan films with a strange backstory. 

Watch the videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/grusd/videos

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Astral Breakers is Intropy Games's block busting puzzle game with a cute astrology aesthetic. Modes include a campaign, co-op, competition, and creativity with making your own constellations. So is it dope, or SUPER dope? Paul and Allen lay it all out. 

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Joined once again by podcast extraordinaire JonesyLovesBeer and, for the first time, the VP of your heart and ours, Dale_a, the Turtle Jumpers talk Batman Arkham Knight, Rocksteady's final entry in their stellar Arkham trilogy. 

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Joined by JonesyLovesBeer of PaperKeg fame, the Turtle Jumpers journey to Middle Earth to take on the forces of Sauron. As Talion the ranger possessed by the elf-wraith Celebrimbor, we battle and manipulate the uruks of Mordor in order to revenge the death of our family at the hand of the Hand of Sauron [sic]. 

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Code Name Steam is Nintendo's cel shaded steam punk turn-based strategy game, developed with Intelligent Systems. But is it any good? Nope. 

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On July 12, Nintendo announced that their president, Satoru Iwata, had passed away. Over the course of his career he developed many great games, led two prominent game companies, and inspired millions. As the public face of Nintendo, he delighted fans with his Iwata Asks segments, Nintendo Directs, and other appearances. We take this episode to remember him and how he affected our lives, personally.

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